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"Locked Out of Your Car? Here's How a Car Locksmith Can Help You"

If you’re locked out of your car in NYC, Tom & Jerry Locksmiths can help. As professional car locksmiths, we offer various services to assist car owners with issues related to their car keys and locks. These services include car key replacement, car key duplication, car key extraction, car lockout services, and ignition repair and replacement. You can contact us at 917-540-3427 for fast and reliable assistance.

Tom and Jerry

Car Locksmith Services

At Tom & Jerry Locksmiths, we provide a range of car locksmith services to help car owners with their key and lock issues. Our services include:

Car key replacement services

A car locksmith can replace lost or damaged car keys. They have the necessary tools and expertise to make a new key on the spot

Car key duplication services

A car locksmith can make a duplicate of an existing car key. This is useful for car owners who want to have a spare key or need a replacement key.

Car lockout services

If a car owner is locked out of their car, a car locksmith can help them get back in. They can unlock the vehicle without causing any damage.

Fast and Reliable Car Locksmith Services in NYC

Car key extraction services

If a car key breaks off in the ignition or the lock, a car locksmith can extract it without damaging the lock or ignition.

Ignition repair and replacement services

A car locksmith can repair or replace a faulty ignition. They can also replace lost or damaged ignition keys.

You can contact Tom & Jerry Locksmiths at 917-540-3427 for any car locksmith services you need.

Tom and Jerry

Car lockout services

Emergency Automotive Lockout Service in NYC

One of our most common services is car lockout assistance. If you accidentally lock your keys inside your car, we can help you get back in. Our specialized tools can unlock your vehicle without causing any damage. We also offer emergency lockout services if you’re locked out of your car outside of regular business hours. Just give us a call at 917-540-3427.

Car key replacement services

We can replace all types of car keys at Tom & Jerry Locksmiths. Our locksmiths are experts in making new keys on the spot. We can replace

  • Laser Cut Keys (High-Security Keys)
  • Ignition Keys
  • Key Fob Replacements
  • Transponder Car Keys
  • Remote Keys
  • Key Fobs
  • Remote Start Keys
  • Keyless Entry

If you need a car key replacement, give us a call at 917-540-3427.

Fast and Reliable Car Key Replacement Services by Tom and Jerry Locksmith
Efficient Car Key Duplication Services by Tom and Jerry Locksmith

Car key duplication services

At Tom and Jerry Locksmiths, our locksmiths can also create duplicates of existing car keys using the latest technology to ensure that the duplicate key works just as well as the original. We are capable of duplicating various key types, including:

  • Car Key Cutting
  • Car Key Duplication
  • Vehicle Key Cutting
  • Vehicle Key Duplicating
  • Vehicle Key Programming
  • Car Key Duplicating
  • Car Key Programming
  • Vehicle Key Replacement
  • Vehicle Key Spares
  • Trunk Key Duplication

If you need key duplication, give us a call at 917-540-3427.

Tom and Jerry

Choosing Tom & Jerry Locksmiths

When choosing a car locksmith, it’s essential to consider several factors. At Tom & Jerry Locksmiths, we meet all of the following qualifications

Qualifications and certifications to look for

We are licensed, bonded, and insured, ensuring that we have the necessary qualifications and certifications to provide locksmith services

Reputation and customer reviews

Check out our online reviews and ratings to see our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy locksmith. We pride ourselves on having positive reviews and high ratings.

Availability and response time

We offer 24/7 emergency services and have a fast response time to ensure that you get the help you need as soon as possible.

Cost and payment options: We offer fair and transparent pricing, with multiple payment options available.

Emergency Trunk Opening

If you’re unable to open your trunk, our locksmiths can help. We offer emergency trunk opening services to get your trunk open without causing any damage. Contact us at 917-540-3427 for assistance.

frequently asked questions

Tom and Jerry

Call us at 917-540-3427

You should call Tom and Jerry Locksmith if you’re locked out of your car, lost your car keys, have damaged keys, a malfunctioning ignition or car alarm.

The time it takes to make a new car key from Tom and Jerry Locksmith varies depending on the type of key and your vehicle’s make and model. It can range from a few minutes to longer.

Yes, Tom and Jerry Locksmith can make a new car key for you even if you don’t have the original key. They can use your vehicle identification number (VIN) or other information to create a new key.

The cost of hiring Tom and Jerry Locksmith for car locksmith services depends on the specific services you need and the locksmith you choose. They may charge a flat rate or hourly rate. It’s best to get a quote from them before they start any work.

If you’re locked out of your car, stay calm and try to locate a spare key. If you don’t have one, call Tom and Jerry Locksmith at 917-540-3427 to come and unlock your car for you.